how to register a domain name with godaddy
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How To Register A Domain Name

A Domain name is your website address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) which is the address of the resource on the internet.

A domain name is a seperate thing from your website as you may have your domain name with and you have your website files hosted on another company’s servers.

Usually, if you host your website files on a different company than your domain registrar you will simply change the Name Server values in the DNS settings at your domain registrar panel. But we will not cover that now.

Steps to register your domain name:

1- Searching for the right domain name:

Finding the right domain name is the first step you will have to do before registering your domain name. There is some online tools that will help you find the perfect name for your website. usually, people get frustrated during this process and then end up registering a domain name that they don’t like or prefer. For that reason, i will list for you some of the ways or tools that you can use online to find the right domain name.

Now to get the best result i would suggest you to click on Advanced Search at the top right of the screen.

now you can choose the results you wish to see, for instance, you can search for only .com extension , and you can choose the keyword you wish to see in the domain name, the price, and another important option is the Characters, in Characters you can choose that a domain shouldn’t exceed 9 letters for example and exclude domain names with dashes or digits.

now click search and you will find all the domains with the criteria you set in the advanced search.

godaddy auctions advanced search.





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