Our Services

sweilem Software & Web Development offers a wide range of solutions, creating your online presence, your online eCommerce site, photograph your products, managing your social pages and enrich them with an eye-catching content, creating printing material, branding…you name it we can do it!

Web Design & Development

Using a variety of technologies & coding languages to create your online presence, we care about your needs and we do our best to provide the best solution for you.


Our experience with eCommerce goes back to the year 2003, that’s when we started developing online stores and eCommerce solutions, We will guide you and show you the best ways to sell your products online efficiently.

Social Media Management

Creating a social media account takes only a few seconds, responding to comments and messages that something anybody can do, but creating the right content; that’s our specialty.

Email Solutions

Any corporate should have its own email solutions, for small, medium and large corporations we have the right email solution for you, with your extension.

Security solutions

In your office, on your website, we have the security tools and measures to follow to secure your valuable files and information, hardening a server, personal pc, we have the solution.

Graphics Design

Branding starts with a good eye-catching logo, graphics for your website, social media page, whatever the use, we can produce high-quality professional graphics for your business.


A good photo can increase the chances of selling your products online by 80% or even more, we do product, food or model photography, our high-resolution photos will be your key to success.


Branding your business needs an experienced professional with a sense of creativity and uniqueness, we have branded many successful businesses in the past and we still do.

Web Hosting

we provide web hosting solutions and products, cloud hosting, backup plans, SSL, we provide you the perfect hosting plan and tools to run your business smoothly.

Hardware Maintainance

We provide hardware maintenance services and yearly contracts, from pc upgrades to a complete networking solution for your corporate.

CRM & Project Management Solutions

Customer Relationship Management & project management solutions are a must-have for any medium-large corporate or retail business, never lose a customer again.


For schools and other educational institutions, we have the right eLearning solution for you, we offer white label solutions along with our own eLearning portal.

Some Of Our Technologies

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